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From someone that hit rock bottom like myself and was even banned from stepping on school grounds in the spring branch ISD territory, I can tell you that there is no better feeling than being welcomed back with arms wide open by the chief of police allowing me to share my story with our next generation of hundreds of kids per month.

The one thing in life that we can be certain of is that we all make mistakes.

Having gone through life changing moments and mistakes in life, all of which were a toxic byproduct of peer pressure or bad habits, I realize that educating our society with real life examples, at a younger age can create massive waves of positivity, hope and guidance for our next generation.

After deep soul searching and realizing that doing the same thing yielded the same result, I was able to build enough strength and motivation to recognize right from wrong and walk a new path in life. Now, when I wake up and go to school I’m excited because I am able to inspire, educate, mentor and motivate kids by sharing my real life story on a monthly basis.

As an honor roll junior high student heading into high school I never thought or would have believed that dropping out of school, doing drugs and going to prison are all words that would have ended up describing me.

Unfortunately it took me hitting rock bottom and laying on my death bed to realize I was lucky to have one more chance at life. Not everyone gets a second chance in life after they make a mistake and I am honored and proud to have the opportunity to help kids understand that before it’s too late.